2020 BETA Awards Finalists!

2020 BETA Awards Finalists!


We've made it to the finals AGAIN😱

What a fantastic way to start 2020! Thank you to our amazing team and brilliant customers here at GS Equestrian, we've made it to the finals of the 2020 BETA Awards! For those who are unaware of who is and what it stands for, BETA is the British Equestrian Trade Association. This means that we have been recognized as one of the TOP 6 equestrian online retailers in the United Kingdom!

This year is a very important milestone for us as it's our 10th anniversary and to be considered finalist 2nd year in a row is fantastic we can not be any happier and proud of the community we have built over the last 10 years.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of our fantastic customers for one of our best years so far and for supporting is getting into the finals 💚


For more information on BETA, head over to; http://www.beta-uk.org/


So, from all of us here at the GS Equestrian HQ... THANK YOU!