HALTI OptiFit Headcollar

HALTI OptiFit Headcollar

HALTI OptiFit Headcollar

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A premium headcollar designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to provide an optimum fit and which guarantees to stop your dog pulling. Its unique design works by gently directing the dog's head, steering him into desired positions just like a horse. With a self-adjusting chin strap and unique, reflective cheek straps which follow the contours of a dog's face, it doesn't rise into the dog's eyes or slide down to his lips (flews). Designed to fit dogs that other headcollars don't, from short nosed boxers to long nosed greyhounds, it will provide maximum comfort and optimum fit no matter what shape or size.

The pack includes the head collar and a safety link which connects to the dog's collar for extra security.

The pack no longer includes the DVD and guide, however you can find the instructions on the Coach of animals website

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