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Shires Copper Lozenge Sweet Iron Snaffle
Shires Loose Ring Copper Lozenge Snaffle
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Shires Sweet Iron Copper Tom Thumb
Shires Flexible Rubber Mouth Snaffle
Shires Full Cheek Snaffle With Copper Peanut
Shires Bevel Bit With Copper Lozenge
Shires Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Mullen Mouth
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Shires Equikind Ripple Eggbutt
Shires Full Cheek Bit With Waterford Mouth
Shires Brass Alloy Full Cheek Snaffle with Lozenge
Shires Loose Ring Waterford Bit
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Shires French Link Loose Ring Snaffle
Shires Sweet Iron Bevel Bit with Lozenge
Shires Full Cheek French Link Snaffle
Shires Bevel Bit With Jointed Mouth
Shires Sweet Iron Two Ring Gag
Shires Chifney Bit
Shires Sweet Iron Copper Roller Snaffle
Shires Equikind Mullen Full Cheek Snaffle
Shires Sweet Iron Double Jointed Pelham
Shires Equikind Peanut Two Ring Gag