Gold Label

Gold Label® is a well established British family business created by pharmacists,
who have been involved with innovative animal health products for over 50 years,
to become one of the best known and respected brands in the industry.
Their range of Equine & Canine Health and Welfare products are all manufactured
at our factory in rural East Yorkshire and have their origins in traditional remedies,
using only the best ingredients of often human grade standard.

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Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur
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Gold Label Udder Cream
from £4.99
Gold Label Dubbin
from £3.20
Gold Label Garlic Powder
from £2.67
Gold Label Brewers Yeast
from £10.35
Gold Label Cod Liver Oil
from £5.34
Gold Label Bute Free
from £11.99
Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000
from £11.99
GOLD LABEL Soft Soap 1376
from £3.49
Gold Label Linseed Oil
from £6.26
Gold Label Hide Food
from £4.80
Gold Label Leg Guard
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Gold Label Veterinary Wound Powder
Gold Label Biotin
from £8.99
Gold Label Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel
from £7.74
Gold Label Sunguard
from £4.90
Gold Label Vitamin E 1000
from £5.49
Gold Label Glucosamine Ultimate
from £17.99