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Finesse Bridles

When purchasing a FinesseBridle® you aren’t investing in a regular piece of equipment, you are investing in comfort for your horse. These bridles are created with a special neckpiece, designed to distribute and reduce the regional pressure on your horse’s neck.

Engineers and other experts are behind this unique pad that originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bed-bound patients. It is not memory-foam, but a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact in the parts of the body in contact with the material.

The Scientific Study

A study performed by Katja Gabara, Emilie Gertz and Dr. Adrian Harrison, carried out on 12 Icelandic horses, showed that all horses had more free movement in the entire body whilst wearing FinesseBridles® as opposed to wearing a standard bridle

The importance of this is, that while working wearing a FinesseBridle®, your horse is less likely to experience the same amount of ‘pain-strikes’ also know as muscle overload and associated pain during work.

In the study, not only the muscles related to the neckpiece were studied, but also the myofascial lines known to have effect on the overall movement of the horse, from the base of the skull to the hindlimbs. These being m. Splenius and m. Brachiocephalicus.

Interview With Professor Adrian Harrison

Cathrine Dufour participated in a study with her highly experienced horse Bohemian, in which it became evident that Bohemian’s balance was markedly improved when fitted with a FinesseBridle. 

Interview With Professional Rider Cathrine Dufour

Well respected Danish professional dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour has tested different Finessebridle® models on a number of horses for 2 years before the final FinesseBridle® was in place.


We are so excited about FinesseBridles. Our horses love the freedom these bridles are giving, but at the same time, it gives stability.

Anne Van Olst & Lottie Fry

I'm completely thrilled about the effort that the Finesse Bridles have on my horses. In the beginning, I was sceptical: Would the anatomical bridles really live up to the expectations? But, to be honest I have now switched to Finesse Bridles with all of my horses - because the difference is definitely remarkable. Due to the pressure on the neck, the horses are more relaxed and feel lighter on the bit. And the riders and horse owners I'm working with agree.

Jessica Suss

Since changing my horses into FinesseBridles, I have felt a difference, big or small, in all of them. For some, the differnce is straight away; for some, it comes over a few days. They have all felt more willing in the contact, and I think I'm able to get a better and more even connection making me feel conifident that my horses are comfortable in their work. Not only that, they are beautiful and show off my horses to their best.

Jessie Kirby

I use the Finesse Bridle in all three phases of eventing: dressage, show jumping and cross country. Besides being absolutely stunning, I do not doubt that the bridle offers a much higher degree of comfort for the horse compared to a regular bridle. I both feel and see a very big difference, especially with the more sensitive horses . The horses are more willingly accepting the aids, and I get a more steady contact. No matter your discipline, I highly recommend these amazing bridles!

Bianca Bagge